The Forever Spring—Ebook finally arrived!

THE E-BOOK VERSION HAS FINALLY ARRIVE!!! In the dystopian world of Shadow Kill comes a remarkable story of a friend from a background that no one would have ever expected. Sarah Renee Johnson, the daughter of SCAF Intelligence High Agent William Johnson detailed life in the Georgia territory of North Atlantic Front. Agent Johnson entrusted … Continue reading The Forever Spring—Ebook finally arrived!

Kaydee’s Thoughts For the Moment

MONDAY EVENING! Tune in!! Here we go— October 7, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm WELCOME TO "Kaydee's Thoughts for the Moment" PRESENTED BY K.G. Bethlehem - THIS WEEK'S SHOW - Welcome to the sensational Author Twyla Starr Description: Conversation with Twyla Starr, author of the upcoming book called “Glitter Girl.” - I LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! … Continue reading Kaydee’s Thoughts For the Moment