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Demetrious Saxmous “The Luna King

“Destruction—is the nature of your end…”

-The Luna King. #fantasy #fantasybooks #avengingknights #kgbethlehem #killeramongmen #authorsofinstagram


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My first written screenplay…

I won’t say too much on what the screenplay will be about but if everything works out it will be fantastic. I worked on this project for nearly 6 hours and I still need to edit and proofread it. The finial draft should be ready in the next few days but man…

I’m freaking proud of myself.


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2nd Annual St. Louis Author Invitational

Some Unique Magazine’s 2nd St. Look! The photos are in! Great job Susan Spit-Fire Lively & James Eames on photo Louis Author Invitational 2019.

I can’t stress this enough… Despite a rough & slow start, I am truly grateful for everyone pulling together & making this a kick-ass event!

The authors were amazing! The vendors were amazing! The support was amazing! Thank you to everyone who participated & attended! I have been on a natural high all day! Better than I expected!


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