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INTERVIEW: Timothy Hardy ~ Business Owner

Greetings everyone. I am reblogging an interview I conducted with P.G. County Maryland’s Timmy Hardy–owner of Hardy Lovee Catering! If you live in the DMV area check him out if you have a nice size gathering/party. Or just enjoy this wonderful interview. This is brought to you by– SOME’N UNIQUE MAGAZINE LLC

Some'n Unique Magazine, LLC


Owner of Hardy Lovee Catering Owner of Hardy Lovee Catering


Greeting ladies and gentleman.  I have one question; did anyone bring an appetite?  If not, I strongly believe you will have one after you finish reading this interview.  Oh, looking at the pictures will be your undoing if you’re on a so-called diet (even though our interviewee can prepare healthy dishes on demand).

Today Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC proudly presents Timothy Hardy, owner of Hardy Lovee Catering.  Mr. Hardy has been catering in the DMV (that’s DC, Maryland, & Virginia) area for numerous years.  His talent for cooking, attention to detail, and pure professionalism, makes him a stand0ut from the rest of the catering businesses in the DMV.

We hope you will enjoy the interview and look for his contact information below.  You won’t be disappointed if you hire him right away!  (You…

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