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My 7 Favorite Video Game Songs

Here is a new article I wrote for Some Unique Magazine–

Eh, for my nerds check it out :o)!!

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K.G Bethlehem

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I love video game music. I just completely connect with them, and it all stems from my childhood. Certain songs fit my mood at the time, but not just for a short duration. Sometimes, they connected long term, due to an ongoing experience at the time, which, in some cases, were more than several months–Or even a year, ya’ dig!?

I know some of y’all remember the bumbling soundtracks of the original Nintendo. Or even the stereo of Sega Genesis and Panasonic 3DO? I know; compared to our present contemporaries, its like a vanilla cup of ice cream versus a funnel cake or hot fudge sundae. Unfair!

I want to share some insight in what I believe is great music and why. Here’s my top 7 picks starting with the least to the greatest. Feel free to comment…

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4 thoughts on “My 7 Favorite Video Game Songs

  1. Nice selections. I would include Frog’s theme from Chrono Trigger, the overworld theme from Super Mario Bros. 2, the Moon from Duck Tales, and Life is Beautiful from Deadly Premonition for my list.

    1. I never played Chrono Triggder but heard a lot of good things about the game in general. I ca’s n’t remember SMB 2 that well. Duck Tales was nice. I gotta’ check out your selections. My honorable mentions are Blaster Master’s first board music was dope and Rygar had some dope tracks.

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