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EDITORIAL: Dinner With Prevaricators, In Nice Clothing

Good evening good people!! Here is an editorial i wrote from Some Unique Magazine that I really believe you will enjoy. Please visit and Some Unique Magazine if you are looking for informative articles on various thoughts of life…

Some'n Unique Magazine, LLC

Editorial By
K.G Bethlehem

Theodoric Meyer | ProPublica | News www.nationofchange.com Theodoric Meyer | ProPublica | News http://www.nationofchange.com

Politics Offer Strange Dinner Guests:

Were you ever invited to a dinner and you had no idea who was going to show up? Let’s say you were invited by a good friend you haven’t seen in a long time. You get dressed your best clothes and fragrance yourself with the cologne/perfume you save for unique occasions. You know… the expensive one that smells so good, you only use it twice a year—depending on your healthy schedule of fun? Now you’re ready; you set off to meet you friend who you haven’t seen in ages at a nice restaurant. The one you might go to if you wanted to impress a person you’re dating. Yes, that special one.

Finally you arrive, and tip the valet to park your car, who by the way; appears to be struggling with speaking and…

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