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Aldous Huxley; Lessons Anew, Philosophy Gained

An older piece I wrote for Some Unique Magazine that I think you would find interesting. One of my favorite writers.

Some'n Unique Magazine, LLC

by K.G. Bethlehem

Aldous-Huxley-007 Photo by Google

“It is a bit embarrassing to have been concerned with the human problem all one’s life and find at the end that one has no more to offer by way of advice than try to be a little kinder.”
– Aldous Huxley

He gave way to the essence of one’s self in relationship to society to which society was growing way too fast; devolving into an insensitive authority. He look at the way of how so many things are very antisocial. You are just a number in a machine. The working environment of a collective state called society.

Aldous Huxley, as I can gather, warned against us as a whole, giving up control of our lives to the governing power with no need of an aggression as a mandate. The mandate is what we see in the form…

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My FB author page…

Greetings everyone. While I continue to figure out how to do my widgets again, here is my Facebook author page that I would love for everyone to follow as well. Below is my description and it will also have a lot content from other social media. Enjoy and thank you all for the support. Being an up and coming can be challenging at times but your support, seriously makes it worthwhile!

K.G. Bethlehem fathers one daughter, and has been writing since the late 1990s and has evolved into an accomplished author, poet, conscious-minded individual, narrative storyteller, and overall excellent writer. He was also a former General Manger and writer for Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC. He was also a former host of Books, Jazz, Coffee & Smoke and KG’s Thoughts for the Moment podcasts respectfully.

K.G. Bethlehem specializes in the Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Dystopia genres where he combines well-thought storylines with vivid imagination to comprise to ultimate reading experience.

He has self-published 5 books including his most recent full-length novel, “Astronomical”, and “Shadow Within A City”, which was co-authored with F. Kenneth Taylor, as well as his newest publication and short-story, “The Forever Spring”. He’s the Co-Creator of the 2004 Dark-Comic release, “ShadowKill”. K.G. Bethlehem formerly wrote articles for the Fairfax County Juvenile Domestic Relations Court Newspaper. He currently has several upcoming projects.


dark fiction, dark poems, dark poetry, dark writing, Fiction, literature, poems, poetry, poetry readings, Uncategorized, writer, writing

1912 (Friday Night Poetry Corner #172)

Good evening everyone. Welcome to another poetry corner. This is a fantastic poem, it made me think about old cruises back when then “new” money made for glamorous parties. But something is amiss?? Check out thepoetslotus work called “1912.” Oh please visit this poet’s page and read more of their works!


Titanic 1




And saw

Her awe

Her Regalness

Her Pride


As She was called

No turning back



Not knowing

The fate

Of a new adventure


By all accounts

Makes her way

To B Deck


All she knew

And so told

The unsinkable

Set sail


Caressing her hull



Knocking at her bow


Strolling along

Nestled in



Ran through her

The Atlantic’s bite

Comfort found

Within the sun

Stillness overcame her

Dressed in Elegance

Admiring the

Grand staircase

Dinner this evening

Music rang with joy



Pleasantries of the evening


In the night

Something is not right

Go back

And enjoy

The pleasantries


Is not right

Nestled within

The berth

Her book in hand

The night glided on



A shutter ran


Right side

Shivers of fear

Arose within her

Book dropped

To the floor

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