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More from the upcoming book Shadow Within A City-Ghost Squad Apocalypse

Siccarco, ill-tempered member of the infamous Ghost squad of the Midwest City Police Department. His locality and fearlessness is beyond approach. Look for more about him in the upcoming book–Shadow Within A City “Ghost Squad’s Apocalypse” written by K. G. Bethlehem & F. Kenneth Taylor.

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Coming out in the early spring of 2019

More information visit Facebook page for Shadow Within A City

Drawings created by Kevin Ray (selahuniverse1) of St. Louis, Missouri. For more amazing work as well to ask about services. Visit him at:

*All pictures and story copyrighted

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picture (Friday Night Poetry Corner #181)

Abstract Painting – Abstract Art Original Colorful Funky House Painting Home On The Hill By Madart



Welcome, welcome, welcome everyone to the first Poetry Corner from my extended break. I haven’t featured a Haiku in a while so…

Here you go–Picture by a poet called “ITSEEMEDIMPORTANTATTHETIME”

Hmm…this is well written and it caused my mind to wonder, searching for a meaning. I hope it does the same for you.

It Seemed Important at the Time...

No two tales alike,

infinite worlds to explore

from just one picture.

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INTERVIEW: Sean Eric Mulkey ~ Artist

Here is another article i would like to showcase. It is an interview with amazing artist who I am sure you will like. This was brought to by “We Are the People” Some’n Unique Magazine. Visit the blog when you have a chance!

Some'n Unique Magazine, LLC


Photo c/o Sean Eric Mulkey. Photo c/o Sean Eric Mulkey.

~   ARTIST   ~

I’m truly happy to present today’s guest, who is not only an extraordinary artist, but an equally, self-taught musician as well. But rather than me blab on-and-on about this very talented man, I’ll let him speak for himself, so with no farther ado, I give you… Sean Eric Mulkey!

F. Kenneth/S.U.M: First of all Sean, thank you for sitting down with S.U.M today, we truly appreciate it.

You were born on the West Coast, in San Diego, but currently live in Atlanta, tell us what brought you to the South?

Sean: You’re welcome. What brought me to Atlanta was a better opportunity for exposure in reference to my art and a better job opportunity. In general, I just needed to be in a better condition of living. When I…

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