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On Location Series #12–Glendening Nature Preserve




The Glendening Nature Preserve was an exceptional experience.  During my short venture there, the greenery was not fully in bloom as spring was just a few days away.  I could hear the birds though, but that was about it in terms of wildlife.

Well to my ears and eyes, truthfully.
I intend to return here sometime in the late spring or early summer.  That time nature will be awakened in all beauty and selfishly, I can take better pictures.  The hike was pleasant nonetheless.  There were several trails that connected to each other, some near the water (wetlands).  Others with higher elevation (cliffs).  The rest is flat and hilly areas nearing different campsites and snake deep in the brush.  I seriously advised this place for more exploration, one of the true gems in Prince George County Maryland.
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Also, take the journey in recorded realtime by following the videos below. Thanks again for visiting and look for more On Locations spots in the near future:


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On Location Series #11–Fort Washington Park

This was a delightful day.  My little one and I explore Fort Washington Park which was the namesake of its location in Fort Washington, MD.    Fort Washington, established near the community of Fort Washington, Maryland, was for many decades the only defensive fort protecting Washington D.C. The original fort, overlooking the Potomac River, was built in 1809.  It was originally called  Fort Warburton but was renamed in 1808.  During the War of 1812, the fort was demolished by its own garrison during a British advance.

As of today, this historic fort is maintained by the National Park Service.  It was initially constructed in 1824. It is a stone structure with a reliable cannon directed down the Potomac River. The fort was largely remodeled in the 1840s and 1890s. The Fort was turned over to the U.S. Department of the Interior in 1946 after its last military personnel left.

Now with that bit of history out of the way, here are some videos and pictures of our time in the park.  Our visit took place on November 3, 2018.  I hope you will enjoy this brief On Location Series—

oh again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
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On Location Series #10—Cedarville State Forest Park

sign on a trail.
by K.G. Bethlehem

Good day everyone,


On November 25, 2018, I did a brief trek at Cedarville State Forest Park located in Brandywine, Maryland.  If you recall from some of my past ‘On Locations” I hiked several parks that are located in that area.  Rosaryville comes to mind and the other one escapes me at this time, but the area itself is crazy beautiful.  This always should tell you that you can find a nature getaway engross with beauty and history nearby and isn’t a 1000 miles away.

Today was a short hike, mostly due to the heavy rain this area encountered the previous day.  The trails were badly waterlogged but as you heard in my videos I came prepared.  I actually bought hiking shoes instead of using cross trainers like I did before.  My cross-trainers came to a sad end by the “Old Billy Goat Trail” located in Great Falls Park (Maryland side).  The rugged rocks kick my shoe ass but at least they stayed intact for the entire length of the trail.  That is impressive and not trying to be a commercial but good work FILAS!

As you can see or saw whatever your perspective, the pictures vary in scenery from waterlog trails to open files with scattered telephone towers.  Greenery living on the woods’ floor amongst the coming of winter or the trail finally opening up to a new area.  The opening seems inviting yet cautiously assured.  If this was a flashback to an 80s slasher horror I would be more concern notably since black folks were the first to “get done in.”

Another thing, it was hunting season and I heard shots during my trek.  The area for the hunters was further away but as you heard in my videos the shots appeared to become louder, depending on which part of the park I was at.  I usually hike during hunting season so this was not a big deal but as a hiker, it’s still something to be aware of.  If you don’t feel comfortable exploring state parks during this time of year that’s a personal choice in which I would not blame you if you just wait.  Hunting season isn’t long and winter hiking has its pleasures.

Well, that’s the end of this On Location Series.  Short, but fun nonetheless.  I will try to explore another park before the end of the year and if not, 2019 will be filled with more adventures.  Next year I will explore more into Virginia and West Virginia.  For a majority of 2018 I ventured into Maryland Parks because since I lived in Maryland, it seemed right I showcase my state first.  Maryland has a rich history and I will continue to explore it.  I also will continue to explore historic places that are not parks like I did as well in 2018 and before like Civil War History, African American History, Harriet Tubman and so much more.  You can look at those in my earlier ‘On Locations’ and visiting Some Unique Magazine.  Thanks again for visiting and supporting me and remember, an adventure is just a few miles away regardless of where you are residing at.