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My Radio Interview @ KDHX 88.1 FM

my good friend, brother from another mother, fellow writer’s interview with a local but influential personality; MK Stallings (REVIEW)

F. Kenneth Taylor

Just wanted to share a couple pics from my radio interview this past Monday, Oct. 21st, 2013.  I was invited by the host of “My Bars & My Word”, MK Stallings, to appear as a guest on his show.  We discussed a few local news topics, and then my Urban-Drama book, Corner Pocket.  It was a really great experience, and as always I’m truly appreciative and thankful for the opportunity, and my supporters.

P.S. I gotta give big thanks to my photographer lol!  She’s the best & one of my biggest & most appreciated moral supporters! Glad she was there!


Here’s one more!


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