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My pod cast: KG’s Thoughts for the Moment..

1 hour podcast every Wed. 9pm EST until the return of Books,Jazz,Coffee, & Smoke return in a few months. Come join me for a variety of topics! Let’s jazz this up with creativity and intelligence! #sumunique #KgBethlehem #fkennethtaylor #pgcountyredux #potheory #bookhouse #hanginwithwebshow #radiocrown #munchwagon #STLMADE


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Replay of K.G. Bethlehem’s interview with Diversity of the Minds.

Hey, in case you missed the live interview with me with Diversity of the Minds last Thursday—–


you are in luck, I got it right HERE!!  It was a 3-hour affair but it was an enjoyable talk with some funny, adult theme hosts who asked great questions and made me feel relax from the beginning..

So check it out and visit their page too.  If you want a chance to be interviewed on internet radio send them an email.. Til’ next my good peeps, drink plenty of coffee, negate cigarillos if you want but have a donut on me 🙂



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INTERVIEW: Sindian Da’ Goddess; Street Hip-Hop Intellectual

Great Interview!!

Some'n Unique Magazine, LLC

by K.G. Bethlehem



Sindian Da’ Goddess


Men and women, hip hop heads and artists in general, here’s the mega interview the India Hip-Hop game has been waiting for. Formerly of Staten Island, NY… Sindian, the Righteous Hip-Hop Goddess, hailing from southern Virginia.

She’s been in the game for many years, performing, producing and creating intelligent reality rap that is a mixture of street and knowledge of self. This interview goes into the inner-workings of the mindset of this creative artist, who paved the road of future happenings as well as past disclosures. Here is a segment of her thoughts:

“Sindian starting rapping at the age of 12, where her constant battles and cyphers throughout the five boroughs helped her to distinguish her skills: utilizing the streets as a mental tool and/or gain for her music. The same women…

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