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2nd Annual St. Louis Author Invitational




– Christopher Kaiser

– Kevin G. Daniel aka K.G. Bethlehem

– Jessica Matthews

– Norris Roberts Jr.

– Cavanaugh Welch

– Ben Moeller-Gaa

– And More! — with Shareca Sheabrown Pitts and 30 others.

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Friday Night Poetry Corner #188–Apply Here


Good evening everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner.  This week is something different, distinctive, away from the norm of our entries in the corner.  Today we are featuring a spoken word piece from a talented poet, F. Kenneth Taylor, owner of Some Unique Magazine.  The name of this piece is called “Apply Here.”  Click play on the video below and you will be amazed.  Also, visit their youtube page (where the video is from) and Some Unique Magazine LLC home page by clicking on their name.  Thanks again for stopping by and continuing to be creative in your own voice.





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Internally Struggling (Friday Night Poetry Corner #187)

Samantha Keely Smith



Good evening everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week, this fantastic poet name Kristen Early has a sensual joint that I know y’all will enjoy. It’s called “Internally Struggling.”  Please visit her blog and read more of her good work!

Headwraps & Durags

Silence is not golden.

It gives my mind the confidence it needs to wander,

Wander to uncharted lands, 

Wander into the deepest, darkest depths

and leave me stranded at sea.

Silence is dangerous.

It awakens all kinds of demons.

Demons of doubt and concern

Ideas so irrational when spoken aloud 

yet real enough to let the anxiety set in.

Silence is a blank canvas.

It lets my thoughts paint their own picture of reality.

Its a slippery slope of fear that constantly sends my head in a spin.

I push out the silence with any and everything.

Music, keep it blaring through the night.

Alcohol, I hold my shot glass tight.

Fill it up, fill it up, until my mind goes numb.

Sex, the physical penetration distracts from my mind’s overstimulation.

It’s hard to freak out when each stroke let’s the freak out. 

Don’t walk away.


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