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14th February 2018 (Friday Night Poetry Corner #198)

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Good evening and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week we have a deep joint written by Drlroimata called “14TH FEBRUARY 2018.” You will enjoy this and also it will create conversation around the meaning of this work.

written works of d.r.l.r

Acquiring my self worth would leave his attraction fading
to adore me fiercly when able to run rampant on my heart
So i dared hush it to sleep
like he would hush our fruition.

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Time is a Circle (Friday Night Poetry Corner #197)

Good evening, good evening everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week I am featuring only the best and this poet is part of that standard, Flowering Poverello’s poem called “Time is a Circle!” I hope you will enjoy this and visit the poet’s page from time to time.

Flowering Poverello


Is a circle


We experience

In ever-deepening dimensions


The seasons arrive

In colour



And darkness


And each sunrise

Returns again and again


With a new gesture

Of illumination


For all soul-women

And all soul-men.


Image by GamOl on Pixabay

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2nd Annual St. Louis Author Invitational

Some Unique Magazine’s 2nd St. Look! The photos are in! Great job Susan Spit-Fire Lively & James Eames on photo Louis Author Invitational 2019.

I can’t stress this enough… Despite a rough & slow start, I am truly grateful for everyone pulling together & making this a kick-ass event!

The authors were amazing! The vendors were amazing! The support was amazing! Thank you to everyone who participated & attended! I have been on a natural high all day! Better than I expected!


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