Chamonix (Friday Night Poetry Corner #207)


Good evening everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry. This week is a nice, visual poem by a fantastic writer name 30 BaNaNas and the poem is called “Chamonix.” Please visit this poet’s page, you won’t be disappointed.

30 BaNaNas

Red and gray,
rock and ice
if it rains or snow
feel the touch.

It’s not easy to breath,
neither to walk.
Time froze your heart,
froze your nose,
froze your plans.

Let it go.
Is time to fly,
upon the Mer de Glace
to greet Mont Blanc
climb Aiguilles, 
up and down.

Red and gray are faced,
treasures ...
not easy to find
paths and rails curve
between rock and ice.

Crystals, monasteries
seem gone,
yet one day
glaciers will melt
if you freeze time

There is a place ...
not that far,
between clouds and space
so clear, so cold
so dark, so warm.
Where dreams get condensed
where dreams climb.

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The Crucifix Killer (Friday Night Poetry Corner #206)


Good evening everyone and welcome again and again and again to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week is a poem called “The Crucifix Killer” by a thoughtful poet who goes by the name of writerinretrospect. Please read this and visit this writer’s page when you get a chance.

Writer In Retrospect

Eight weeks, eight kills,
Each a twisted crucifixion:
Upside down, on Sunday found;
A killer with a mission.

He took them each on Friday,
Sometime in the night.
Fearful, a decree was made
To stay in when there’s no light.

But teenagers will always be
Victims of their own bravado.
In a clearing in the woods:
Bonfire, peer and bottle.

Christine never was a party girl;
But she came for friends who were.
Tommy handed her a drink that night…
All the rest’s a blur.

She remembers running,
Tears streaming down her face —
Straight into a man,
Who held her for a space;

Then he looked her in the eyes
And she realized who he was.
She remembers trying to scream,
But all the rest is fuzz.

She wakes up in a tiny room,
Tied up to a chair;
Another opposite of her:
That same man sitting there.


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