5 comments on “The Presence of Shirley Chisholm…

  1. What still baffles me is that they are taken as weaker. You kidding? My mother brought me up by herself, had a job, smack the crap out of me when I got out of line which probably happened way to often and now at age 31 is helping me again with my little screwed up pancreas. After she spend 5 months taking care of her brother who recently passed away. You tell this women she´s weak and you better run for the hills and quick. Nice post by the way.

    • Man, I’m really sorry for your loss. Your mom is a strong person. This that is true happiness still view women today I believe. Sometimes time heals all wounds and wise up people, sometimes it don’t.

      One thing for sure if any person, man doubts a mother’s love for their child or believes that is what makes them the weaker species then they are a fool.

      Glad to hear your mom is helping you out. No matter how old we get our moms will our look at us as the child the had to nurse back to health do long ago.

      • Truly appreciate the comment.
        As my mother, my guess is that there are millions of others. So women weak? Don´t see it.
        Happy Sunday Kg!

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