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The Rebirth Everlasting (Friday Night Poetry Corner #177)

Good evening everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner.  This week is a new poem by myself and it was inspired by a good friend, Ms. Jane Ngugi, who is visiting India on a spiritual journey.  The name of this is called, “The Rebirth Everlasting.”  Thanks again for visiting and see you guys next week!

The Rebirth Everlasting

His eyes, distance the past in submission


his mouth moved in mystery, as he forsakes


His part bathed in fire,

it cleaned all his skin to submission

her heart longs for closure,

the waters were a purification of non-mystery

her eyes glared for the everlasting soul

in learning, she learned so greatly

in music, it soothes her completely

the waters were classic, so beautiful in pridefulness

I assumed you thought the same way

he was graceful, the meeting two were something,

she explained without moving her lips.

-K. G. Bethlehem

*pictures taken by Jane Ngugi

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Untitled—Friday Night Poetry Corner #176



Good evening ladies and gentleman, it’s me, K.G. Bethlehem heer for another showcasing of the Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week is a short, haunting with love read by a complex writer name, “– Jen aka Svelte. Also another first is this is the first poem I ever showcased that was untitled. Crazy eh? But that does not take away from this poem, in fact, it gives more to the voice the writer, well to me was trying to bring to the reader, the meaning beyond the voice. Sounds echoing off the surface in an attempt to embrace the core beauty–this poem is splendid fun. Oh, when you are finished please go to her blog and read more of her good works!

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A plan that forgot the verbs





It was just another wonderful Saturday with poor planning by the hands of a forgetful father. Not forgetful by reason of spitefulness, just ordinary neglectful planning. The day began as I furiously searched for something for me and my 8-year-old daughter could do. The standard checklist:

*Museums? (Nah, did that already, quite recently)
*Parks? (too damn hot for that, maybe in the evening—yeah most likely I would just forget)
*Movies? (already bought tickets tomorrow for Antman & Wasp so that’s a no)

Got it, let’s do a service project. There is one happening in the next hour and it’s only 1.5 miles away.

I gave out the orders, “Brush teeth, wash face, lotion and put on clothes. Now after the first two commands, she forgot and after a friendly, yet impatient reminder she got back on task. I followed behind her, and finish my duties a few minutes before she did. I was even texting friends and looking up new podcast venues and still was on track, and mindful of the time.

We left as I gave her the game plan for today. We drove to the homeless event and made it there with 5 minutes to spare but…

No one was present, it was in front of a convenient store.

My little one, lifted her head out of a book she read the entire time during the ride remarked, “Daddy, I’m not sure this is the right place.”

I answered, “This is the correct address.”

She replied while giving a disapproval look, “Well, someone is wrong.”

I drove off due to a misstep of miscommunication (it was their fault, I didn’t plan the damn event) and began standard errands…

*oil change
*grocery shopping
*picked up lunch

Then I thought about one more thing before calling it a day…

She needed a library card.

Before comments start being written, she does have a library card where her mother lives. I mostly buy her used books at local 2nd hand bookstores. This time I asked her did she want another card and she happily said yes. This day made a great turnaround of mediocrity and boredom.

At the end of it all, she received her card and check out two books in the process.

My day ended with me picking up a stuffed crust cheese pizza, so it was a win, win and win for me and my little boo boo.

Moral of this story:

Planning is the prudent and rational but can lack a bit of fun.
(I know, that’s a BS statement lol).