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A message from K.G. Bethlehem- upcoming projects & more…

Upcoming projects and valuable information from yours truly with talks regarding Some Unique Magazine LLC. 



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K.G’s Thoughts for the Moment (Marvel & DC)

Monday (10/09/2017) evening At 9pm EST–

WELCOME TO “KG’s Thoughts for the Moment”

*Special Show, extended time–1 hour & 30 minutes

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*THIS WEEKS SHOW—The differences and meanings of both DC & Marvel films
Discussion on the new age Marvel and DC movies

* DC & Marvel films with a little history of the comics

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When We Count Our Dead (Friday Night Poetry Corner #132)



Good evening everyone! Welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. Today, well this evening, this fantastic poet– Vikas Chandra, wrote an amazing poem of strong emotion. This work is called “When We Count Our Dead.” Read this great work, also visit his page. Trust me, there are more wonderful poems that follows the one that is on display…

vikas chandra

Bounties of war, swathed in stately shroud
Smell the rotting flesh, on martyrs’ pride!
Who lied to them, that a death avowed
Is the only deed, to be glorified!

Bravo, bravo! How many stars?
Will you earn, not see, with stony eyes
Whilst time fades your glory, those lasting scars
Are just for your kin, to rationalize!

To slumber amongst, a clan of killers
Who fight for their lands, or their régimes!
Nameless, faceless, same cadavers
Mere fodders, to their nations’ schemes!

Why histories love, to nurture wars
Into heroes’ epics, not a mean bloodshed
We raise new martyrs, to settle old scores
In the farms of gores, When We Count Our Dead!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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