Finial show of Poetic Vibes

POETIC VIBEZ -- THE FINAL SHOW! -- APR. 6th @ 4p! That's right people... I'm ending the Poetic Vibez open mic, so I want EVERYONE to show up & take it out with a BANG! THE LINEUP: Kaiserrific ~ Life Situations The Poet ~ TyRA ~ SpitFire Cassius The Poet ~ Renelle Richie ~ Phil4Real … Continue reading Finial show of Poetic Vibes

Time is a Circle (Friday Night Poetry Corner #197)

Good evening, good evening everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week I am featuring only the best and this poet is part of that standard, Flowering Poverello’s poem called “Time is a Circle!” I hope you will enjoy this and visit the poet’s page from time to time.

Flowering Poverello


Is a circle


We experience

In ever-deepening dimensions


The seasons arrive

In colour



And darkness


And each sunrise

Returns again and again


With a new gesture

Of illumination


For all soul-women

And all soul-men.


Image by GamOl on Pixabay

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