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On Location Series #8–Rosaryville State Park

Rosaryville State Park, a hidden gem in Clinton, MD.  This August 18, 2018, On Location venture, started off a little dissuading at first.  The upkeep of the park was less desirable as portions showed overgrown grass and much-needed parking lots repair.  The nuance of well-kept picnic grounds compared to other places showed greatly that certain areas were much cared for than others.

It was also the location of Mount Airy Manson which was elegant.  The grounds were splendid to the eye as I saw greenhouses and ground root cellars for vegetation purpose.  The history of the park was apparent to the owners of the mansion and the numerous items scattered throughout the landscape (It is one of the oldest Maryland mansions connected to the Calvert family, the Lords Proprietor of colonial Maryland).  A tobacco barn, an old cannon cart I discovered through my trek in the woods.  This was a huge park and it kept so much mystery that I will allow you guys, to journey through my pictures and videos.  Even some pictures that held a hidden, even darker meaning behind them.

Just a show of what is among us in the least of places, closets to our homesteads as it allows the heart to dance in sync with the mind.  Now that I got your attention for understanding…,

It is time to commence.

(Videos directly below)

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On Location Series #7 w/ZJD

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Here is my On Location Series #7 that me and my daughter done together. I will let the pictures and videos tell the story of our visit to Oxon Hill Farm.

*Hey everyone. I could not upload all of the pics I took but if anyone wants

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Thanks again for all of the support!

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ON LOCATION #6—-Maryland’s Smallwood State Park

Good evening!

I finally got back to hiking as the weather cleared up, well mostly to trek my way through the woods at Smallwood State Park in Indian Head, Maryland.  The park was named after General William Smallwood, born in St. Charles County Maryland and served during the American Revolution.   The park itself was as big as I would have liked it to be but the water scenery was beautiful nonetheless.  There was not a lot of trails there, in fact, the only one I saw was called “General’s Walk and that was less than a half mile.  I did see the general’s homestead and some, I believe, the tobacco museum.  The reason why I was not certain was due to the lack of park signs indicating what I was looking at.  That was a bit disappointing.

A gem I found was a kids discovery center called the “Sweden Point Discovery Center.”  I spoke with one of the park rangers who tended the place and was told that they do nature talks and exploration with the kids.  They show them the local wildlife and explain the area’s eco-system.  I saw at least 10 interacted exhibits there and they look impressive.  If you are ever in the area and you have kids, a stop there, especially on the weekends is a must.

Well, with that out of the way, I hope you enjoy the videos and pictures and leave a comment or questions if you like.  Oh, and look out for another On Location piece.  This time I will get out of the state of Maryland and see what else is out there :-).

Oh. All of the video clips are below: