Friday Night Poetry Corner #231—Reflections by Jane Njeri Ngugi

Good evening everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner.   Before I begin, just give me a moment to talk about a good friend who passed away so quickly, abruptly that left such a hole in her loved ones’ hearts.  This includes her brilliant, thoughtful 13-year son. Her name is Jane Njeri Ngugi. … Continue reading Friday Night Poetry Corner #231—Reflections by Jane Njeri Ngugi

Sharpstar—leader of the Avenging Knights

“We fight because we have to. Everyone here, and I mean everyone has vengeance on their minds, including myself. I could say we fight to restore true freedom to the masses and stop the evil rule of the masters but I would be lying. I hate the masters with a strong prejudice. I despise everything … Continue reading Sharpstar—leader of the Avenging Knights