I’m in love with knowledge (Friday Night Poetry Corner #36)




Hey everyone and yes I know..
Well it is not but I am doing to feature another great poet on the poetry corner. Friday Night Poetry Corner #36. The title is called “I’m in Love with Knowledge” by The Empris. What a love affair but who am I to just judge this. Please visit her page when you get a chance and thanks again for stopping by for a few…

Originally posted on TheEmpris:

I’m in love with knowledge

I hold his hand 
Like air he lifts me

Our affair must not be secret

He convulses 
blood spurts from his chest
I tried to share him
what have they done

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The Presence of Savior..


“The emotional, sexual, and psychological stereotyping of females when the doctor says: It’s a girl.”


Always in the better judgment of men? (I remember so long ago that if I speak of such what I am about the write below people would had view me as weak or some other negative connotation.  I say to all who harbors such emotions and thinking–Move on because I don’t care).

Men that is the key word to this discussion. As many though so long ago that a man’s place is above a woman in every way. Intellectually, discipline, emotional non-maladjusted with the exception of child rearing. Her place was behind a man, to be viewed not heard from. This was especially true of all women.

Even more evil, black women (any women of color) has it worse on all levels, famous elephant in the room story.

In this case I will give the above quote that was spoken by Shirley Chisholm so masterfully echoes the past institutional discrimination women faced for a very long time in the United States. Through such practices the road blocks to overall human acceptance, job non-bias employment, job non-bias promotions, and the risk of being fired if she is with child.

Still to this day, 2014 I hear people say such sad statements “Don’t be a girl.”

Meaning don’t be weak because girls are weak–obviously.

“I am a man, she’s a female.”

The lack of empathetic goodwill and acceptance is glaring.

“You should be lucky this ain’t the 20s, you have rights.”

Thanks for such a statement, I should shut up even if what I say is just as important than you elites remark, I should still shut up.

“You are such a pussy!”

Meaning dick and scrotum are stronger even though a man would sound like an opera soprano if hit in such private areas. Also has this person ever heard of—VAGINA!?!?!

If such ridiculous ignorant states are still made so freely than I guess the doctor is the blame for the first stereotype. His/Her listing of a gender already reinforce people’s idea of discrimination, their parents in some equations holds such beliefs.

I think I know one thing that would help you set aside your own prejudices and discriminatory attitudes towards women as a whole.

Push your daughter and/or little girl into wanting to be an astrophysicist.

Or a CEO of a corporation.

Or just a person who just wants basic peace.

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Nightmares. (poem)


Welcome again to a late  but nevertheless edition of Friday Night Poetry Session #36. This week is an unusual, funny yet creative poet, good blogger all around. Here is charlypriest’s joint called “Nightmares.” Hope you enjoy and visit his blog when you get a chance. You won’t be disappointed..

Always remember; poetry is what you feel to paper, and love to voice.  Nothing more, and indeed nothing less..

Originally posted on CRAZY LIFE:

They say,
a man who has nigthmares
they say,
every day of his life,
they say,
is in pain.

Nightmares are part of me
just me don´t remember the last time
when, I had a nice resting but that´s fine.

It´s feels actually strange if I don´t have them
but now it seems I rest better, but not forever
eventually they do return, yes, them.

Probably that is why I have trouble sleeping
I just decided to not let them be keeping,
of me.

I wake up and brush them out
so I can go out and shout.

they slain
ever gain
so lame
fuck the pain
just trot on again.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,

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Honoring or querying the Masti-Queen..

taken by Gabriel Carrillo

Darken mystery sky on an unknown world

“It is almost time for the light.”
“So soon?”
“I believe we still have several days before it.”
“No, you are incorrect.”
“I see.”
“Yes, one of us must begin the ceremony by the sun rest.”
“Is there something wrong.”
“What is it?”
The conversation cease for a brief moment. The room which the two men were in was so dark that the only glimpse of their existence was exposed by a small light from the bright moon. The rest time was past the normal hour. They should not be up. They were way past curfew even if they were Law Speakers.

The whispers continued uninterrupted as the small light grew smaller. The smell of old-fashioned weed moss filled the air as both were smoking on rich pipes. The faces were quite hidden, they met in the offices were they work. Little to no security was present to which was their reasoning for choosing such a locale. The quiet bantering was in violation of the State, more to the point the Hurras Empire in its infancy. They were important in reality but inwardly influenced by the ruling decree. That voided all self-confidence in believing what they believe was true.

A sad state for Law Speakers.
“She is never wrong.”
“Are you so sure?”
“Do you want to die for such words?”
“Do you want to no soul for freedom for such cowardice.”
The bantering stop again. Someone was angry at the comment of their counterpart. The comment echoed truth, he was sweating within.

“I am not afraid, I will ask for her and stand by my decision.”
“You will?”
“Good, because the Autumn Star is in it last viewing tonight.”
“Meaning I need to pray to her.”
“Alright, leave me be.”

The room emptied, he was alone.  The sweat from within manifested itself outwardly.  His eyes were not still; his hands refuted steadiness. He did not have any answer to such a challenged. He glared out to the night air, the shining white star that crown the night’s sky. The Adomica Woods were a mystery to such a visual of the Autumn Star. Even more is the bright orange like fluorescent visuals that floated among the trees.

Some called them Phantoms. Others in more fearful expression called them the undead servants of the Masti-Queen. The logical mind branded them optical illusions due to no one was able to gain close to deem them any of the other definitions. He on the other hand had not an answer and really did not want one.

He prayed, it was short. He laughed to himself in such a superstition. He walked out of the room and towards the entrance of the woods. It was a direful sight, he did not want to go in there.

He did not, he walked back to the castle.

The ceremony was half done, well not even half done but cherish the moment of the ones who had no belief.

No substance of character.

“I am no longer have fear.”

His hands stop trembling, his eyes were steady in time.  HIs voice spoke harsher yet deeper.  His sweat was no longer cause by emotions of dread.

Emotions of failure and lack of will.

In fact he, this Law Speaker was just as normal as the people he sworn to protect from denouncing unfair laws. He gave way to his own self to which he was shown the last message of a solution.

“I found it,” he smiled as his voice grew more harsher and near mumbling level.

He gave up his own life, in the shadows, in the darken corner.

His body of course was never found.

It was said he lives among the stars, in the dark corner of what scientists call “dark matter.”

Serving the Masti-Queen for all of time.


(This passage was a prequel dialogue inspired by the events of Chapter 5 of Astronomical)

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Coffee Shop Story (Friday Night Poetry Corner #35)



First off “S”
Fucking awesome!
Welcome good peoples to another edition of Friday Night Poetry Corner, this time #35!!!! The feature poet for this evening is a poet called “S” (fucking awesome name). The poem is called “Coffee Shop Story.” First off, it’s a great poem, great voice and nice flow. Second, I love coffee shops. Third, I love coffee. Forth, I love cigars. Fifth, I love cigars at coffee shops. Sixth, did i say coffee? Seventh, this is a nice, creative work from the blog called POETIC MIDNIGHT. Visit this poet and relax off the vibe…

Take care, and thanks for stopping by for a few.

Originally posted on poetic midnight:

imagine we’re in a coffee shop
you were busy with your coffee
i was busy writing
somehow i caught myself looking at you
a familiar stranger
maybe i was writing about you
maybe i was thinking about you
but, everything will always be maybes
until it’s going to be the same moon
you’re looking at
as i look out my window tonight
loving you is fast
as fast as this opportunity might pass me by
as fast as the coffee shop’s door will closed
behind you

– S -

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Omnia familia est


I can tell you the importance of being with family. The subtle moments of difficult and thoughtful conversations that would ache you for days before having them. I can tell you the joy of loving a mother, father, and a brother. That is my description of my family.

Or I can disclose the love for my daughter, such a beautiful little human, her smile lights my soul and to be more exact warms my intellect in staying humble. I could not even witness love in another way like the relationship with my daughter, I can tell you that.

My extended family is my treasure ones. The people I see not as often as I want to but when I do it was as if time stood frozen and move with the next encounter. Just wonderful, even absence makes the heart grow fonder eh?

I agree with that wholeheartedly.

I want to speak on my cousin Tanya Daniel. She is a very thoughtful, caring, intelligent being who God honored me to have her as my blood. A full-time teacher, adviser, and specialist of challenging children her work is always full. Her days are long, only with the exception of the summer break :o). One thing for sure, she help me in many ways. She edited projects of mines and without any need for payment (I do send gift cards people so don’t blast me ;o). The projects are rather long manuscripts that she would work on during the school year but without any hesitation or exculpation. I marvel at such commitment, importantly at such a good heart to take on such tasks so freely.

I salute you cousin and I love you.

Family is everything, just the essence of a peaceful soul. It is like your chi in relations with good vibrations. Wonderful feeling. I can not speak for others who’s situation with their family is far from nirvana but if that is the case take care of yourself please.

Negative energy regardless of who it comes from is toxic to your spirit.

This must not happen, please don’t let this happen.

In the case of Tanya, she would be far press to allow such iniquities to exist.

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Nostalgia (Friday Night Poetry Corner #34)



Hey everyone!
Hope y’all enjoyed the holiday. Here is another edition of the poetry corner. Well its Friday Night Poetry Corner #34. This week I am featuring a poem by Nitin Lalit called “Nostalgia.” It is a free flow peace with a voice of regret and strength. A very good poem and if you have the time please visit this poet’s blog.

Originally posted on Rhyme:

I used to think life simple

And living for the moment—

Laugh my misery away

I used to bring friends over

And getting drunk on cheap ale—

We’d create the loudest din

I used to have faith childlike

And with no inner conflict—

March straight through the angst and strife

I used to kiss her gently

And holding her in my arms—

Tell her that I loved her much

I used to be so much more

And looking forward always—

Never be lost to the bloke

I used to be…….

© Nitin Lalit

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Suppressed Intelligence…

Suppressed Intelligence….

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Friday Night Poetry Corner #33 (He adores her)

Black love on Pinterest

Black love on Pinterest


Greetings everyone!!

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!!!

Another edition of Friday Night Poetry Corner #33. It is crazy that we are up in the 30s now. During this year I feature a lot of great poets, wonderful poems that showcased different styles, themes, emotions, and tempos. This has been a enlighten experience and I loved it all. A special thanks for visiting but guess what, THIS mutherfucking train is continuing…

Now, next is another piece by me. Yes two weeks in a row which is very unusual but what the hey. This is a surreal love situation, a honest situation but I will let you judge.



He adores her

“Sol rays gleam on my hands as i dance below the sky, but tolerate your storms.”
the last of the beginning ones…
the first of the last speakers
cried the name of beautiful,
masking the utmost fear of the diffident
he didn’t care
he wanted her
he showed himself to the world
for her smile
and a whisper of care
the last of the beginning ones
storm the blacken sky
cover the sight of many eyes
he didn’t care
who heard him
who saw his pain
through arctic rain…
he wanted her attention
her respect,
her acknowledgment
of his presence
of his laughter of joy
the utter mention of her name
sustain his joy
joy to loved,
of yearning,

-K.G. Bethlehem

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Suppressed Intelligence…

The void creates madness to the weak and and arrogant ones..

Suppressed Intelligence: To maintain an equal intellect that corresponds with the everyday masses to create a more harmonic relationship in society to induce productivity in all societal segments while suppressing the urges of a deemed low segments of society to be advance in thinking and belief in the same qualities of people deem more advance than themselves.


—except from Astronomical

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