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POETRY: I Write (Friday Night Poetry Corner #9 Part 2)

Friday Night Poetry Corner #9 (Part 2)
Second poem for the corner is from my friend, brother from another mother great writer F. Kenneth Taylor. To those who may not know Mr. Taylor wrote numerous articles throughout the years online including He is author of Aftermath and Corner Pocket ( and Hope you enjoy the poem…

F. Kenneth Taylor

I originally wrote this sometime in 2001, so its kinda old, but its one of my favs and still true today. Hope you like it as well.

I write for,

Relaxation, stimulation,

Education, psychic elevation,

To open the eyes, ears, and minds,

Of a young, black nation

I write to. . .


Sedate my pain,

Disguise my shame,

Define my name,

Obtain, gain,

Sustain, maintain,

Bring forth change

I write for. . .

Reasons unknown,

Reasons of my own,

For the empty hearts all alone,

To go places I’ve never gone,

To correct all the wrong,

For the act of love,

And love not shown,

I write for. . .

My stress to be relieved,

For my goals to be achieved,

For my family to believe,

For the blessing I’ve yet to receive,

For the love of my unborn seed,

I write for my. . .

Undying will,


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