12 comments on “Parent edition of fathers & sons…

  1. I especially loved how the comic illustrated the cycle that love can create, and how a father’s love can influence and have lasting effects on his children. It definitely stressed the importance of telling your children those three words. A great share, and your comments really added volumes to it. I haven’t lost anyone this year, but I have lost loved ones, and you’re right, if all you do is remember them and those things they’ve taught you, then they’re never really lost.

    • those are just beautiful words you spoken here…

      Yes the strip added so much. I know it talks to everyone who loss someone dear to them. I’m sorry for you past goodbyes, I had a few in the past 2 yrs. You are ever so right about those 3 words, I really try to tell my lil’ one that every time I hold her. Just those words means a lot. I remember them clearly at times when I was young.

      Thank you for sharing your wisdom, greatly appreciated..

  2. I like this too. I like the message. More technically, I like the clever way the artist ages the characters while making them look like the same individual.

    Of course we should remember that often the message isn’t “Love you, Dad” (or Mum or whatever, but “Hate you, son” – and that gets repeated too.

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