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Great Acts of the Darken Ones: Part 1

Sorry, I went out of order lol

Some'n Unique Magazine, LLC

by K.G. Bethlehem

“Some motherfuckers always try to ice skate up hill…”

1259075-blade Photo by Google

A superhuman night creature with a soul known as Blade, graced the big screen in the 90’s.  This somber trilogy arguably brought comic book movies back to the main stream (Yes, thank Wesley Snipes for that folks). The dark images and themes, along with a forbidding presence of an undead evil graced the screen. Blade was a hero to many. He fought against a secret society of vampires with his mentor, Whistler.  Once Blade and Whistler realized how powerful this organization was, they recruited an underground group of vampire hunters.  The order of truth between man and dark spawn was almost shattered by the actions of Deacon Frost.
In fact, the first real emotions observed in Blade were through the death of his mentor, Whistler. …

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Parent edition of fathers & sons…

I almost thought about saving this for Father’s Day but, naw.

The above comic strip (created by CutnEdge Cartoons) is impressive in the forms of the art itself but more importantly, what it represents.

The circle of life continuing again and again and again with love.

I am very sure everyone, anyone who read the strip, reading what I am typing lost a loved one this year, or maybe this month.

Beyond a year or maybe a few days ago?

Our children, offspring must be taught the very lessons that guided us through childhood and mostly as adults. I believe the good and the bad needs to be explain along with open ended questions hopefully coming forth from the child. Even through faults of our own, if we are coming with love we will receive it back.

If we are coming with honestly our words will cling with them to the very end. I am never surprise to the grief one carries from losing a person who they loved greatly to the point that breathing would become a chore. The crazy thing though, they will never leave you if you still remember them.

They will never forsake you if you cherish those moments that you remember of them that made you feel so good.

They will always cling to that wisdom because it came from a loving place, and guided to you by honesty.

So in this reference fathers; all fathers love you children. Love your sons and pass it down for other generations to share in such commitment and reliance.

So, lets start with this day…

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Great Acts from the Darken Ones Part 5…

Let’s continue on with this series of anti-heroes. It has been a while but I have a stunner to which I am completely confident that no one would have suspected a write up on this character…

Introducing Col. Violet of the Red Ribbon Army!

Yes, Col. Violet, sure she is money hungry. Ok, she is ruthless and crafty for her search for the dragon balls for her sadistic leader Commander Red. Yes she leaves behind her own subordinates even to their deaths as she did when her boat was being chase by a giant sea monster. She threw two of soldiers under her command into the water to lessen the weight the boat. The soldiers died a horrible death but she escape with the dragon ball. And yes when the Red Ribbon Army’s headquarters was being utterly destroyed by a vengeful young Son Goku she did flee and store all the reminding money and assets from Commander Red’s vault even though a few hour earlier she received a bonus from the same vault for giving the dragon ball to her leader (yes the same ball that she killed two of her soldiers on her getaway).

But—but she does have a sweet spot…


a "kind" heart
a “kind” heart

She also risked her life to save this young primate while getting attack by a ruthless tribe. She even cared for the creature even though she was dodging swam of arrows as displayed above. This alone makes her anti-hero; modern day Dian Fossey!

Alright that is a bit of an exaggeration but you get the idea…

yeah, she's pissed..
yeah, she’s pissed..