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Walking away towards forever land…

This is not a poetry corner moment, just a moment…


i kinda' look like her :o)
i kinda’ look like her :o)


Walking away towards forever land.

I’m looking,

just looking.

See the waterfall as it turns ways of creativity.

Striking the curiosity,

virtuosity movement gave me silence to believe

inwardly of hope
and love
and courage…

I’m looking for my loved one

who is going far away,

yet so close,

inwardly of hope
and love
and courage to muster the voice
above these tears.

I believe in such a moment,
to which I felt strongly in past years.

Yes, strongly felt.
Still looking,
somewhat searching closely
for that loved one who is nearing passing,
that one who is close to the forever land.

I just believed

only if you could see.



K.G. Bethlehem

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HAIKU — 10242014 (Friday Night Poetry Corner #49)

Petrified Forest

Good late evening everyone!
Welcome to another edition of Friday Night Poetry Corner #49. October is Haiku month so continuing on with theme here is a nice piece by Ron Evans called “Haiku-10242014.” I will say this if you love nature writings, you will like this one. Thanks for visit and when you have time, visit Randa Lane’s blog for more creative haiku from various poets.

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Cries answered by no one (הזנחה)…

Servant of the One; a picture of madness.
Servant of the One; a picture of madness.

The coming of the demon,

It begs the question of who is the survival of this world. I under certain parts of nature. The reason beyond quiet moments and loud thoughts. The witness who see such evil in everyday routines. Near their homes.

Near their place of work.

At their homes.

At their work, and maybe their church.

If they believe in such things.
The coming of the demon, it has spoken, and I will deliver. Who am I you say?

No one of importance.

The master of giving looks so surprise to see me. It has the makings of the beautiful essay of lies. I would also inform the carrier of lies….

"They don't like me, I don't know why..."
“They don’t like me, I don’t know why…”

Thoughts of Perliuss Simms
Mental Illness is a condition that affects millions of people across the nation. The causes vary in which there are many gray areas than most. For example, trauma can be the main cause of mental illness. Heredity is another. Each individual person usually goes through an extensive assessment by a medial professional; one whose expert knowledge are in such areas. The recommendations can range from counseling to medication. Or more serious, hospitalization if one is deemed a threat to themselves and others in the community.

The passage I wrote above is from a fictional character of the book “Shadow Within A City” in which Perliuss Simms had a traumatic childhood. Not from a stereotypical variety of a rough upbringing in a low income area to which mainstream media carries like a badge of wisdom, but from a privilege one.

He was bullied unmercifully, and his parents did not listen or cared.

Bullying is a drain in our society. I fashion such actions of a coward in training but most of my venom is towards the parents. The ones who allow their child to become terrors and the others ones who ignored the victims. In such cases both sets of children are victims due to neglect of their parents. This is where the community comes in. Takes a village to raise a child right? How about at least we offer support and encouragement to such situations. The need for them to be address is what is lacking in uncontested bullying.

Now in the case of Periluss he transformed into a criminal monster who waited no more to be victimized, but inflicted pain to suspected aggressors. He became the aggressor to whom he hated when he was a child. He became the one that actually made him to what he was as an adult.

Almost pure evil.

This does not mean victims will become their perpetrator but we must look at unchecked cries for help even if we don’t physically hear them. If not someone else will—Gangs.

Or another–abusers. Like the ones who walk with demons eh?

It takes a village to raise a child, it takes a human being to empathize with their fellow human including a child.