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Haiku a Day #2 (Friday Night Poetry Corner #182)

Welcome everyone to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. I want to go back to reading more Haikus so this wonderful poet–Radiant Spleen fulfilled that need of the poetry corner. This is the “#2 day of a Haiku” and it focuses around a butterfly. In what way? You just need to read this brilliant haiku and post. Also, journey to this poet’s page and read more to their works. You won’t be disappointed if your tastes are similar to mines.

Radiant Spleen

An ecstasy of
fluttering butterfly wings
your kisses haunt me

Can I keep this up for 30 days?  We’ll see.   I feel a little like Evel Knievel trying to jump a motorcycle over a shark tank in Vegas. (Google it, youngsters.  His failure is on youtube for all to see.)  And to write a haiku in the fuller intent of the form (see Basho) and not just cram any old words into the 5-7-5 haiku format.  You can do that all day.  For example, my morning so far:

I got out of bed,
bathroom stuff, wrote for a bit,
did yoga, painted

And speaking of painting, to make the challenge more fun, I’m going to try to doodle-up a quick watercolor to go with them when I can.  It’s not part of the challenge I’m giving myself, and some days I know I’ll be lucky to just write a haiku…

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Chasing Stars (Friday Night Poetry Corner #173)


Good evening everyone and welcome to another Poetry Corner on Friday night. This week, this poet from the wonderful blog called “A Writer’s Soul” wrote this haunting, romantic piece called “Chasing Stars.” Read this and you will know what your heart has chased or is chasing 🙂

A Writer's Soul

Let’s chase the stars together, catching the wind and her stories,
Each whispered so gently; I missed the most important parts when you wandered off, running to catch you, but you were already far too gone…
Mine to have, mine to hold, but you were like the tide,
Falling in and out with the moon, coming and going with the night sky,
You were mine once, but this love was gentle, so gentle, too gentle,
That one strong gust of wind came, and you were gone.
She carried you off, let you dance onto the next cloud,
And I was left alone in that meadow,
Wishing on a star that had already granted another’s wish….

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REMEMBRANCE: The Humble Greatness Of Ali

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K.G. Bethlehem

Muhammad Ali – FBP Heroes — Fitness Body Pro Muhammad Ali – FBP Heroes –

I really am trying to think of words to describe what I felt today.  This passing of a giant, but courageous man who’s heart was for his people which grew internationally for all.  He was more than just a man, a person who was an amazing athlete.  That I can tell you.  I know you know who I’m talking about.  His name was Muhammad Ali.

He was a former 3-time, World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, in an era of great boxers; most of whom, he competed against.  Boxers such as; Sonny Liston, George Foreman, Ken Norton, Joe Frazier, and Leon Spinks.  He lost a few but won many.  One thing thing that could never be denied is his conviction.  He stood up for what he believed in, regardless of what it would cost him.  He stood up for his…

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