Beckie’s song. (Friday Night Poetry Corner #216)

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week is a very different poem, with commentary that is insightful on the same theme as the poem. Paol Soren’s feature called “Beckie’s Song.” Just read everything and give it some time to sink in.

Paol Soren

This is a repost. And even though I wrote it myself it still attacks me with tears.

Some years ago I followed a blog by Beckie. Beckie was immersed in the war in Bosnia and Croatia. She saw many friends and relatives murdered.

Sometimes when I would read each new post I would be unable to keep the tears from my face. One time was really hard. She and her family and her village were forced across a narrow single file bridge. She had her mother in front of her and her sister somewhere at the back. She was polite and stood back to let an old lady step onto the bridge in front of her. When they were on the bridge the soldiers shot every second person. That post was one that I couldn’t forget.

Right up until the end she never said which side she was on. And…

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Life and Death (Friday Night Poetry Corner #211)


Life and Death by MachiavelliCro on DeviantArt


Good evening everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week I am featuring this thoughtful poet name odetostone and his poem called “Life & Death.” A powerful theme that is written very well and shows the measured time of a human in the vastness of life. Check it out and please visit this writer’s page. You will enjoy more of his works.

Thanks again for coming out and again enjoy.

An Ode to Stone

Life challenged my humanity
Only in death, I’ll be judged
Spent eons desperately wondering
If I’d ever feel again
So many people came and went
But the mirror never changes
Reaping what we sow
Judged on pools of tears
Or maybe smiles and laughter
The incredible highs
Or the deepest lows
Success and failure matter not
Or material riches and wealth
Just acceptance and peace
When it comes to the soul

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