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My FB author page…

Greetings everyone. While I continue to figure out how to do my widgets again, here is my Facebook author page that I would love for everyone to follow as well. Below is my description and it will also have a lot content from other social media. Enjoy and thank you all for the support. Being an up and coming can be challenging at times but your support, seriously makes it worthwhile!

K.G. Bethlehem fathers one daughter, and has been writing since the late 1990s and has evolved into an accomplished author, poet, conscious-minded individual, narrative storyteller, and overall excellent writer. He was also a former General Manger and writer for Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC. He was also a former host of Books, Jazz, Coffee & Smoke and KG’s Thoughts for the Moment podcasts respectfully.

K.G. Bethlehem specializes in the Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Dystopia genres where he combines well-thought storylines with vivid imagination to comprise to ultimate reading experience.

He has self-published 5 books including his most recent full-length novel, “Astronomical”, and “Shadow Within A City”, which was co-authored with F. Kenneth Taylor, as well as his newest publication and short-story, “The Forever Spring”. He’s the Co-Creator of the 2004 Dark-Comic release, “ShadowKill”. K.G. Bethlehem formerly wrote articles for the Fairfax County Juvenile Domestic Relations Court Newspaper. He currently has several upcoming projects.


dark fiction, dark poems, dark poetry, Fiction, jazz, literature, poems, poetry, poetry readings, Uncategorized, writing

death to easy listening (Friday Night Poetry Corner #179)

Jazz Photograph – Jazz In The Dark by Dave Coleman



Good evening everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week, I will admit is one of the best poems I read this year and that is saying a lot from the many wonderful works I showcased. Check out Musehick’s work called “death to easy listening” and see for yourself.

punk jazz poetry

death to easy listening
i want music that requires effort
complicated polyrhythmic or atonal
skipping along the edge of coherence
substance versus appearance
the interplay and interference

i want african beats, and cuban tweaks
and gamelan turns and repeats
i want to hear the swirl
that captures the chaotic beauty of the world
i do not want background listening

maybe dream of nashville
maybe new orleans
maybe detroit
all these beautiful scenes
where the music in the landscape
makes it onto the mixtape
makes it onto the dubplate
all the stems mixed
the beauty isn’t broken; doesn’t need to be fixed

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The Bringer (Friday Night Poetry Corner #178)

Bringer of Light by llamacria


Good evening everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner! This week a poem written by Poet Emily called “The Bringer.” This is a haunting poem of a reality you must expose and examine to see if it fits your view of your surroundings…

Or is it more to this joint?

You must decide and please read more of this poet’s work. She is a good writer.

Poet Girl Em

black sand sunset
shimmers with the glittering stars of eroded time
speckling in a terrarium on my kitchen table
its sun a distant searchlight peeking coyly
out from mid-summer clouds
parting just enough to light
a mini world infinitely big

when I spy it

all I can see are my feet feeling
tenderly through epochs
traveling to worlds not yet created

— not until this one implodes
melts down its constituent parts
into one roiling sphere
obliterated by its own helium god
whom we worshipped, believers or not

as the bringer
of all,
and end.

~ Em C. 8.3.18

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