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POETRY: Heart vs Mind (Friday Night Poetry Corner #140)

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Good evening everyone and to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week, I am featuring a sensational writer from Some Unique Magazine, Shonda Pulliam. Her poem is called “Heart vs Mind” and when you read it you will see the cost and benefits of pursuing a mate–and other things relating.  Oh, you should also visit Some Unique Magazine page to see more of Shonda’s writing along with the other talent writers. Oh, you can also read more brilliant poetry and other forms of writing!

Some'n Unique Magazine, LLC

Shonda Pulliam

Artist Unk. Title Unk. http://www.google.com. May 17th, 2017

My heart always leads me one way

My mind is usually on the other side

My heart is on fire

My mind is more mild

At times I can’t get them on the same page

Neither one want to take a bow

My heart dives in full circle

My mind wants to take caution to the wind

My heart gets down deep and full of emotion

My mind wants to think through the ration of a thing

My heart will always drive a hard bargain

My mind just wants to smile

The only thing they do together

Is make up the best parts of me

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