2 comments on “Like a River (Friday Night Poetry Corner #158)

    • Great response. Crazy enough when I read anything creative writings about rivers. I usually thing of this movie passage:

      Kurtz: Where are you from, Willard?

      Willard: I’m from Ohio, sir.

      Kurtz: Were you born there?

      Willard: Yes, sir.

      Kurtz: Whereabouts?

      Willard: Toledo, sir.

      Kurtz: How far are you from the river?

      Willard: The Ohio River, sir?

      Kurtz: Uh-huh.

      Willard: About 200 miles.

      Kurtz: I went down that river once when I was a kid. There’s a place in that river – I can’t remember – must have been a gardenia plantation at one time. It’s all wild and overgrown now, but about five miles, you’d think that heaven just fell on the earth in the form of gardenias. Have you considered any real freedoms? Freedoms from the opinions of others. Even the opinions of yourself.

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