8 comments on “Douglass…

  1. When you read his writings a person becomes immediately impressed with the sophistication of the man and his power of thought and language. I recall “I let it be known of me that the white man who expected to succeed in whipping me must also succeed in killing me.” This was after the long fight with Mr. Covey to whom he had been on loan from his real master.

  2. Very interesting and the photos carry a real sense of a prosperous but not rich house of the time. I had come across Douglass in reading about the events leading up to the Civil War and thee Civil War period itself, but didn’t know what had happened to him after that.

    It’s also interesting how Union white attitudes to Black soldiers changed dramatically during the war from angry dismissal of the idea at the start. There was continued discrimination, of course, but in 1864 an officer of Southern origin said in effect, they can fight, it’ll help win the war, so what’s the problem.

    By coincidence just yesterday I was talking to someone about the 2WW “Red Tails” Black American fighter unit.

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