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Friday Night Poetry Corner #163

Good evening everyone and welcome to another Poetry Corner. Tonight, in honor of Black History Month:

-Born Donald Luther Lee in Little Rock, Arkansas, the poet adopted the Swahili name Haki R. Madhubuti after traveling to Africa in 1974. As he shared in a 2006 interview, he sensed that “a new African name would help me in arriving at a final definition of self.” Haki means “justice” and Madhubuti means “precise, accurate, and dependable.”


my brothers

my brothers i will not tell you
who to love or not love
i will only say to you
Black women have not been
loved enough.

i will say to you
we are at war & that
Black men in america are
being removed from the
like loose sand in a wind storm
and that the women Black are
three to each of us.

Haki R. Madhubuti