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Friday Night Poetry Corner #170–Beauty Is In Freedom


Good day everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner!! This week I am showcasing a remarkable poet, Sourav “Teddy” Biswas who poems are so hauntingly beautiful, it begs for you to ask for more. The name of this piece is called “Beauty is in Freedom!” Also if you have a chance check out his excellent poetry book called “Some Voices of a Closed Lip.”

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Sourav “Teddy” Biswas

freedom-in-christ Photographer: Unk. Title: Freedom is beautiful. Website: Dated: 20 April 2017

Life is hard. We all are tied to responsibilities we can’t ignore. Reaching the pinnacle of success is what we all yearn for. But in this process we fail to realize what is beautiful. Beauty, as  now in the society, is synonymous to being attractive and popular. And all these beauty hardly reflects the spirit of a human being. The liberation of a human heart from all sins and prejudice is the truest definition of beauty.

Water flow in reminisce sorrow,
Spool ticks in waves of noises,
the beauty folds in the sleeping sight
Tonight the sun rose again,
devoid by the winter winds,
when the stars found their light
in thee eyes.

Embers of paradise found thee,
where the sun rose in farthest dreams
No life born without love of thee
for what brings…

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A Winter’s Night (Friday Night Poetry Corner #169)

Good evening and welcome everyone to another Friday Night Poetry Corner! Tonight the featured poem is by AD Gibson called, “A Winter’s Night.” This visceral masterpiece we have you in an indefinite dream like state, the beautiful words are just haunting and makes you want more. Well done!

labyrinths and mirrors

White knuckles and red fingers,

Warm breath dissipating upon the cold stillness of night.

Grey solemn spirits linger,

With burning eyes those sapphire spirits of fading light.

And the ghosts of traffic,

Ferry their captive cargo illuminating lines of passageways.

This darkness has its magic,

Harbouring melancholic dreams expelled from winter days.

Diamonds and frosted glass,

Amber teardrops caught in a rhizome of frozen time.

Dreamers of a nocturnal mass,

With prayers in pockets silently shuffling out in a line.

And this night will surely pass,

Though the stillness of moments seemingly imprison and cage.

Time’s wave ebbs away so fast,

Hungry fires beat back the cold from fists of quiet rage.

Thursday 25 January 2018

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