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Special Poetry Corner for Seasons Greetings (A view from the corner room)


closing in the distance




Good afternoon everyone!


Season Greetings to everyone.  Today, I felt like writing poetry, yep just out of the blue.  Sometimes a certain moment needs to be written down and I thought about this, especially with seeing a film wrestling with this topic.  How could you react, mentally, spiritually and physically to something that is out of your reach but yet in your presence?  Crazy talk, almost like a standard CW show, eh Vibe and Gipsy?


Any note, here is my newest creation, “A view from the corner room.”  If you have the time please share your thoughts on this, it will be quite helpful in more ways than you know.



A view from the corner room



I see you from afar,
yet so near.

I speak with no words
your presence stunts such growth

you smile,
I smile back
you react to a joke,
i laugh softly

I see you from afar,
yet close,
mentally in deep conversation

many years set us independently,
the reason for my silence,
in keeping with normalcy
of social proximity measures
to which I truly hate.

I see you from afar,
yet so near,
waiting the day,
or the hour,
for you to see me too.


-K.G. Bethlehem