Imp King (Friday Night Poetry Corner #209)

  Good evening everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner.  This week is my own personal joint, it is an aggressive poem of the mind, but the components of this poem is strongly influenced in my storytelling (See Avenging Knights & Certain Moments of Time).   The name of this is called "Imp King."  … Continue reading Imp King (Friday Night Poetry Corner #209)

Blackout Poetry (Friday Night Poetry Corner #202)


Greetings everyone and welcome to a delayed Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week is a unique form of poetry by Mireya Pizano called “Our Hell is a Good Life.” Please take the time to read this and visit her blog while you are at it.

Our Hell Is A Good Life

Blackout poetry is a form of poetry where you get a page from a novel and you make a poem by using a marker to blackout words/phrases you don’t want to use. The end result shows your poem. You can also make an image out of it, but I’m not that artistic. Here are some samples I created for my high school students, who will be doing some before the school year is over:

up in the Gates
looks like the government
somebody once told me about.
Equal rights for all.
We are Over – Prejudice.
The world is an inquiring soul.
I live for reason –
Change somethin’.
Learn the history, 
even the most terrible stories.

Plainly visible, I thought you could see me.
I was still dragging 
a strange little drama, on the sidewalk,
trotted to and fro
woes and  triumphs
I shivered against a blazing Winter

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