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It is BACK!!

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Sneak peek..  March for Racial Justice DC 09/30/17





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A Unique Book Signing

Some’n Unique Magazine proudly presents!!!! (Yes this is the online magazine I currently write for so check us out for informative and entertaining articles that is above the rest–oh we are currently looking for writers and editors so please shoot us an email if interested)


Some'n Unique Magazine, LLC

The Book House ~ Maplewood, MO The Book House ~ Maplewood, MO

In April 2016, The Book House in Maplewood, MO hosted a book signing for S.U.M writers, Lakesha Mathis and Jason Nugent.  Lakesha and Jason are also self-published authors who recently released their debut books; “If Pluto Isn’t A Planet,” by Lakesha, and “(Almost) Average” by Jason.

By Jason Nugent - SUM Writer By Jason Nugent – SUM Writer

Jason specializes in the Horror and Sci-Fi genres, and primarily writes Flash Fiction.  (Almost) Average is a collection of his short-stories that will keep you flipping pages and anxiously awaiting the next story!

If Pluto Isn't A Planet If Pluto Isn’t A Planet

Lakesha’s specialty is Self-Motivation and Inspiration.  If Pluto Isn’t A Planet is a personal, painful, transforming memoir of an ordinarily private experience she endured and overcame.  She chose to share this experience to encourage and inspire others who may be within the midst of a similar plight.

Some’n Unique Magazine was fortunate to have…

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