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How I am Feeling for the week ending 05.02.14….

Day and Night by pzap Day and Night by pzap



Hey everyone. A fellow blogger, a really cool elder name Bill Hamilton passed away on Wednesday, September 3. He lost his battle with COPD. I really enjoyed reading his blogs and he detailed his daily successes and struggles with such a disease. If you may, please visit his blog and read his words. His beautiful insightful words. It is a remembrance of us as valuable beings, who exist in a short range of time. See you in the next realm good sir..


My humble look into Jame Baldwin’s brilliance..

Sometimes I can think, ponder on strong words. Words that could influence the very thought of your–mine understanding of daily moments. The quiet moments when stationing yourself in the routine of life. Like going to work, reading an online blog or drinking tea before your shift begins. Things of that nature that requires the action of quiet thoughts. I meant by using the term “strong words” is what could happen if an insult you deemed was directed towards you. This invasive word that now took root within you; nurturing from negative thoughts and fearful posturing. The significance you give it, consequently giving it more power—hence the prior adjective “strong.”

I rather discuss how such words would detail a person’s soul in remembering a hated time to which the sub-conscious would dread. Or maybe such information was directed with careful plotting—scheming of destroying such a person in completing their daily activities with the camaraderie of burden. For this exercise let’s just look at the conclusion of such affliction. Examples of such vocabulary: “Bitch, Slut, Asshole, Stupid, Worthless are usually the suspected terms that would cause such a burden to be included in your rational thought process. Beginning of a sick mind.

You get the idea I think?

The words I trust that will always have a long impression are the racial terminology that invokes such hatred, fear and remembrance of an atrocious time in history. I always presume history is an everlasting circle of complex themes—evil to salvation, good to downfall. It creates a hole in society but always fills itself back up to again just to become a hole once more in later time. These “strong words” such as “Nigger, Faggot, Wetback, and others.

So much more, so much wickedness in such vocabulary.

As I mention before the power to give such heinous language is always from the so-call victim. Now by no means am I suggesting that someone who fights against the one who lowers themselves to use such terms is a victim. Never, ever would I say that. I endorse sticking up for oneself but at the same time diminish the power of the so-call aggressor. The little soul who behaves like a coward.

I believe James Baldwin touch on such a subject, a lot more eloquently then I did. From the video above “Who is the Nigger?” please give time to observe and ponder on its theme. I will leave my words..

Peace be with you..

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Friday Night Poetry Corner #41; To Grandmother


This is late Friday Night Poetry Corner #41, but it is a special one. On August 30, 2014 my grandma; Alma Higgins had her 100th birthday.

Sweet, long hard centennial.

I can’t image the things she seen. The moments in time she was a witness to. The evolution and devolution of human kind. The struggles, plight of African-Americans along with all Americans. The vicious wars along with the evils of Jim Crow. The manic economic, rational and spiritual depressions. The numerous presidents that didn’t resemble her until 2008.


The understanding and respect all ethic groups began have for one another, well more so from her time.

Her unique grasp on survival and exultation. Her gentle reasoning of loss and forgiveness. Joy and riches, poor and self-doubt. Strength in knowing when, how to push on. The courage in knowing when to let go. She observe so many love ones who passed during her life. So many people lost in time but alive within her. The beautiful smile she displays when saying “Hey y’all.” The various speeches of people who she heard that could move crowds as well as shun the good away. One way or another she made it through and still had the foundation to say, “Hey y’all.”

There is so much more to my grandma, her wisdom of human interaction is magnificent. How she recognizes the most in all and ways to makes us gain from it. The country living and the old roads of Louisiana made me so humble and so honored to have such a beginning.

The future doesn’t seem so scary as her road map gave me, us much faith in human resilience. A road with a 100 ways of knowing the right direction…




A Grandmothers love is hard
To explain

It is made up of joy sacrifice
And pain

A Grandmothers love is patient
And forgiving

And each moment with her
Makes life worth living

A Grandmothers love turns a
House into a home

And her beauty shines like a
Precious stone

A Grandmothers love will
Always touch your soul

A love so gentle Gods gift
To behold