Aretha (Friday Night Poetry Corner #180)


Good evening everyone and again, welcome to another Friday Night Poetry corner. This week, this fantastic poet name JOHN W. LEYS, gave us a tribute poem of the late, great queen of soul, Aretha Franklin. Check it out and visit this poet’s home blog. You will be disappointed.

Darkness of His Dreams

aretha_franklin_port_452-h_2018For Aretha Franklin (1942-2018)

Aretha, Queen of Soul
Every note a prayer,
Smooth as silk,
Strong as steel.
Singing the blues
With the rhythm
Of her soul.
Standing tall with
Conviction and confidence,
The content of her character
Demanding respect.


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Friday Night Poetry Corner #96

Welcome back my peoples who voices are lethal.. See, I made that rhyme.  :-)..   Ok, ok, continuing on with the theme of Black History Month here is an artist, poet, singer, great thinker who I loved his work to the heart.  Gil Scott Heron's magnificent piece called "Winter in America."   I will not … Continue reading Friday Night Poetry Corner #96