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K.G’s Thoughts for the Moment–future notes✊🏿😎

Greetings everyone! Some Unique Magazine present K.G’s Thoughts for the Moment is switching days from Wednesday to Monday on July 31, 2017. The time will still be the same, 9pm EST but Mondays instead of Wednesdays. Other housekeeping notes, this Wednesday, F-Kenneth Taylor will be filling in for me while I am recovering from oral surgery. Tune in this Wednesday, 9pm EST for K.G’s Thoughts for the moment featuring F-Kenneth Taylor! #KgBethlehem #sumunique #fkennethtaylor #STLMADE #pgcountyredux

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pulchritudinem tantam habes (you have so much beauty)…

You chose to be beautiful didn’t you?

You craved the attention of onlookers or pleasure seekers.

If you were in indeed seeking that look, that outside glamor.

You could be talking about the inner wisdom of beauty. The one that never mistook care for ambition, want not for honor and empathy. I remembered the last of it, the certain people for careful moments of the day. You song an endearing song, amazed in its captivity of watching soulful spirits.

Yes that was the day I fell in love.

That was the day I held you so tightly I didn’t want anything else to sour that moment.

This was a fix point in time,
it can’t change,
nor should it ever change.

I touched your skin,
felt its own on my own,
and look and uttered those words…

“So Beautiful…

Appreciate it, Meshell Ndegeocello…

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A need to bring back gifted soulful, jazz, rock, neo soul artist…

So enjoy with a fresh cup of coffee and whatevers…


Mario Pascal Charles…..

Yes people this is one of the most vibrant, up and coming soul singer/guitar player from the Midwest that you will ever hear. His music is a mix of R&B, reggae, neo-soul, rock, jazz with a sprinkle of his own unique sounds that creates….


St. Louis, MO own Mario Pascal (Haitian descendent) is on the rise and please enjoy the selections I placed in the blog. I can keep on writing on him but heck, why prolong great sounds. Enjoy!!

Mario YouTube #1

Mario YouTube #2

Mario YouTube #3

For more information on Mario Pascal and Roots Fuzion visit Reverbnation Mario Pascal/Root Fuzion

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