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ON LOCATION #6—-Maryland’s Smallwood State Park

Good evening!

I finally got back to hiking as the weather cleared up, well mostly to trek my way through the woods at Smallwood State Park in Indian Head, Maryland.  The park was named after General William Smallwood, born in St. Charles County Maryland and served during the American Revolution.   The park itself was as big as I would have liked it to be but the water scenery was beautiful nonetheless.  There was not a lot of trails there, in fact, the only one I saw was called “General’s Walk and that was less than a half mile.  I did see the general’s homestead and some, I believe, the tobacco museum.  The reason why I was not certain was due to the lack of park signs indicating what I was looking at.  That was a bit disappointing.

A gem I found was a kids discovery center called the “Sweden Point Discovery Center.”  I spoke with one of the park rangers who tended the place and was told that they do nature talks and exploration with the kids.  They show them the local wildlife and explain the area’s eco-system.  I saw at least 10 interacted exhibits there and they look impressive.  If you are ever in the area and you have kids, a stop there, especially on the weekends is a must.

Well, with that out of the way, I hope you enjoy the videos and pictures and leave a comment or questions if you like.  Oh, and look out for another On Location piece.  This time I will get out of the state of Maryland and see what else is out there :-).

Oh. All of the video clips are below:

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ON LOCATION: Monocacy Battlefield ( courtesy of Some n’ Unique Magazine LLC)


Hey, everyone!! I wanted to showcase an article I showcased on Some n’ Unique Magazine. I hope you enjoy the read and the visuals and of course, please visit this online magazine. You will love the articles by creative and thoughtful writers.

Some'n Unique Magazine, LLC

K.G Bethlehem

The Battle of Monocacy

Here in Fredrick County Maryland lies the Monocacy National Battlefield, or as historians have coined it, “The Battle That Saved Washington DC.” The main reason for such a phrase was, in reality, the Union troops lost the battle, but they held the Confederates at bay long enough for Grant to send reinforcements. Through this article you will see pictures and short videos of my trek through he national battlefield. Crazy enough, there’s a thriving neighborhood that is within the park itself. There are 5 areas to explore, a couple of farms, mill and a bridge where the battle took place, at including the final engagement.

The Final Stand

Photo by K.G Bethlehem c/o Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC. July 2017

Photo by K.G Bethlehem c/o Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC. July 2017

Now its time for me to guild you through a guide to…

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Review of Maryland’s Robert Harper Books!

Here is an old saying to begin a platitude…


“I can count the many ways…”


For this disclosure, I will strongly admit that I can count the many ways, “Robert Harper Books,” located at 6216 Rhode Island Ave Riverdale, Maryland 20737, made me feel welcome. The understanding I believed when I enter any store is the relationship between the customer and the business. I give my money for a product, I receive the product.  Very simple, and hopefully with no issues of compliance to do the job well or a defective item.

Robert Harper Books


In this particular book store, Robert Harper Books, I felt like an old friend, returning home to visit the old neighborhood, with majority of my friends still residing. It was pleasing to be honest.  They greeted me, offer their help and when they discovered I was a writer, the questions exploded…


“What do you write?”

“Would you like to participate in our poetry and book recital session every 3rd Saturday of each month?”

“Would you be interested in hosting a poetry reading or slam at our place?”

“Would you like your own book signing as a publish author.”

These questions were a treasure to a local an up and coming writer. They offered services with nothing in return, well with the exception of visiting their facebook page and offering a review of them.  I must stay, they are a business of exceptionalism.  They are what you want when you enter a place to buy a product.  They were obliging, considerate, knowledgeable and open for suggestions. They even allowed you to leave your personal business card.   They have readings for children.  They sell homemade snacks and drinks.  Oh, one of the owners was signing old tunes (the best that he could :-).


Visit this store. Click on each Robert Harper Books names and go directly to their page.  You will not be disappointment, and you will enjoy every last minute when you step foot in this delightful establishment.