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Sneak peek..  March for Racial Justice DC 09/30/17





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Silence…joy…creative…noise & dreams

“I use to remember, another bleak December….”

I remember such a line from a poem I wrote or read, seriously I can’t even remember but it always stuck with me for many years. It doesn’t evoke a lot of emotions to be honest; holidays are not my thing. Mostly due to the fact I am a Messianic Jew but I am not the most religious person out there…

Sometimes not the most spiritual but that never shook my faith in a higher power.

This line never took hold to anything in my childhood. Childhood was great, issues and problems here and there but it was a good childhood. Caring parents who taught me how to be a productive black man and avoid the traps in society who looks first at color and judge character later. I learned a lot back then; definitely from the strong advice as to “Without education you won’t get anywhere in life, not a damn place.” Also another gem, “Make no excuses, if you fail, you did not try hard enough.” Those life lessons were planted in me in such a young age so no, my Decembers were never bleak..

On the contrary, they were optimistic in the coming of age.

All through the 20s/ from many grassroots functions I been involved in all Decembers were not as pleasant. More so to the plight of the homelessness, the unwanted, runaways and throwaways of our ingrain social order. It is truly a unforgiving sight to see a man with no shoes on in the dead of a St. Louis winter and walk pass more sadly give him a few dollars like that would do any good.

Or even children?! Homeless mothers clinging on to them while I yes me give a few dollars and a number to a homeless shelter. Every time I did that I strongly reminded myself never to pat myself on the back. Never!

Those were the bleak Decembers I remember, hope lost in society’s gift of undervaluing the war on poverty.

I am not here to preach, for from me to do such a thing for me personally I’m a caring, flawed human being who’s dreams exceeds his intellectualism in some cases (I.e: remarking to my 4yr daughter to be the first person to travel to the end of the solar system and she just looks at me and smiles responding– “yes daddy”) but poverty is an ill to all men and women.

Correction all HUMANS should never have or need to experience poverty in a life time. I can type of what solutions or avenues to reach my solutions. You know, how could we thwart such an ill through such proposed solutions but I would rather spark an interest in a person who happens to stop by for a few. The future is emphatically ours, big picture wise until we determine the goal of a working society to develop technology of life instead of focusing on technology of death we will reach for the stars and be the wiser for it.

In essence our value will be born on Earth of peace and grown to Exceptional Grace beyond the stars and afar.

Naw, maybe I’m just a dreamer…