6 comments on “Friday Night Poetry Corner #8

  1. Hey, kg – not sure if the comment went through ok with my phone?? Anyway, this “faith was shaken by fear is far too relevant today. I’m listening & keep writing. Artworks your originals? Nice.

    • Oh yea i got it (hate using the phone myself but desperate times calls for desperate measures eh?)

      Thanks a lot for the kind words; appreciate you taking the time just to read, visit, and converse for a few. fear is very apparent in our world today; too much fear breeds anger and Yoda would had been losing his mind if he was real.

      Art work, oh no the web address underneath the pic is where i got it from. my artwork is just a step above “stick figures.”

      • Cool, bro. Stop by the site and pick up a free book copy. It’s a weekender. Feel free to review if u like as well. Enjoy the fam & holiday!

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