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pulchritudinem tantam habes (you have so much beauty)…

You chose to be beautiful didn’t you?

You craved the attention of onlookers or pleasure seekers.

If you were in indeed seeking that look, that outside glamor.

You could be talking about the inner wisdom of beauty. The one that never mistook care for ambition, want not for honor and empathy. I remembered the last of it, the certain people for careful moments of the day. You song an endearing song, amazed in its captivity of watching soulful spirits.

Yes that was the day I fell in love.

That was the day I held you so tightly I didn’t want anything else to sour that moment.

This was a fix point in time,
it can’t change,
nor should it ever change.

I touched your skin,
felt its own on my own,
and look and uttered those words…

“So Beautiful…

Appreciate it, Meshell Ndegeocello…

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Friday Night Poetry Corner #17—Shea Brown; alter-ego MRS A.H.D (angry hatred devoid of love)

Shea Brown the poet herself!
Shea Brown the poet herself!

Even the greatest among us encourages us to speak, then turn around and applaud us for helping them speak…

For over 15yrs and counting, Shea Brown, a poet and a friend that I have the honor of knowing, is the one that is being showcase for this edition of Friday Night Poetry Corner #17. She is Midwest’s own; born in Pine Bluff, AR and raise from St. Louis, MO she crafted the art of spoken word from old days of hip hop verses and singing grooves in the old neighborhood (Pagedale as well as every other damn neighborhood in between including Northside St. Louis City). More affectionately the district of Normandy, MO; home of unique underground artists of North County. She voice for many others who had no voice, she inspired creativity among her peers and influence the younger generation. She’s an all around artist, a jack of all trades that stems from crocheting, natural hair stylist, handy-woman, and wood craft.

Yes, I said woodcraft…
The sista’ can make chairs and tables y’all!

But let’s get back to poetry since this is the theme of this current blog as well as going hand in hand with Black History Month. Her strength in spoken word is like a warrior queen of Nordic Barb (reference by Punk-Master author J. Ethan Begley creator of the Anti-Utopia masterpiece The Gospel of Lazlo) as well as being called Strong Minded Poet (by the creative genius of Aftermath and Corner Pocket F. Kenneth Taylor), her persona carries great weight and her talent is second to none. She has a humble yet fiery spirit that can not, I repeat CAN NOT be denied by onlookers. I can carry on all day but rather for you to look at her video title…

Enjoy and allow this greatness to wash over you. Then let your mind wander in words of epic meaning…


Also feel free to visit her facebook page, FURIOUS STYLES by SHEA BROWN contact number for booking also is 314-649-SHEA(7432)

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Astronomical, perseverance & regrets lost in the void..

emotions can become lost in space.
emotions can become lost in space.

I spoke about leaders,

He dreamed about glory in the void,

They wonder of life and wonders to fill exalted from all others…

If a person can arrive to a conclusion, a place where they believe a conquest of a goal is the right choice, who is there to judge such a decision? Can any ends justify means of whatever weaponry via’ physical destructive items to mentally damaging thoughts—-who is the hero in all of this?

The commander believed in such a mission, and his cause was actually correct. Earth was in trouble, on the verge of a war with an alien race who was more powerful than themselves. Basic survival dictates one must deem everything in hand to come out alive. They must protect and even destroy if they are threatened with extermination…

So in all fairness, can a mission of peace warrant ruinous means to achieve a successful goal?

Look into the Col. Harrison and Mr. Mury Te to draw your own conclusions.

(Astronomical© copyrighted along with names of characters used above)