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POETRY: Almost (Friday Night Poetry Corner #29)

Tonight I am presenting another edition of Friday Night Poetry Corner #29. My fellow writer, poet, author F. Kenneth Taylor has a create poem of love and companionship called “Almost.” I hope you will enjoy this piece and visit his page when you can.


F. Kenneth Taylor

I wrote this in Nov. 2009, just a lil’ something about not letting love slip away. Hope you enjoy it!

We almost lost it,
Our moment,
It seems like yesterday,
Don’t it?

We almost held back,
Fought it,
I’m so glad we didn’t,
So glad we caught it

We almost walked away,
Ran astray,
Traveled different roads,
Let our souls bear the cold

We almost let it go,
Melt like snow,
We almost missed it,
Denied it,
Tried to hide it,
We almost. . .
Didn’t fall in love

Thanks for your support!

— F. Kenneth Taylor

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