7 comments on “My Bias is called Hatred towards Mass Incarceration..

  1. We always want to put something or someone
    That we don’t understand
    Law is just another understanding to use as a tool for that which we ultimately don’t understand

  2. It’s hardly surprising that countries with extremes of riches and poverty have high crime rates. Countries with more economic equality have less crime and also less alcoholism, obesity, drug abuse. Those countries are criticised for their tax regimes taking too much from rich people. But countries where extremes of inequality are tolerated have to spend heavily on courts, police, prisons and of course private individuals and companies which can afford it have to spend more on security systems.

  3. -From fact checker…”Contrary to Holder’s and Obama’s claims, the prison populations have Increased in 2013 from 2009 levels. “

  4. I don’t remember where I read this, but apparently when a product label says “Made in America,” there is a high chance that it was made in prison. Canada is playing little brother to the mass incarceration business and is following suit with the private prisons…

    • Wow. Thanks for that bit of info. I will look more into it. I could see the truth in that I’m assuming they are thinking “well it’s made in America so why complain..”

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