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Time to start living (Friday Night Poetry Corner #94)



Good evening everyone! Welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. Today is a crazy day with the winter storm madness that his engulfed Washington D.C. So me or course I am snowed in but it is cool. I have my cigars, coffee, snacks, food, and PS4. The essentials lol.

Now I want to feature this thought provoking poet named Benedicta‘s work called “Time to start living.” If this title doesn’t’ grab you I really don’t know what will. The accountable to yourself and eternal happiness I guess. Or am I just off? Read this joint and be amazed for yourself..

One thought on “Time to start living (Friday Night Poetry Corner #94)

  1. I haven’t opened my blog in months because I was afraid of what I might find in my own mind. I forgot about this poem. Thank you so much for featuring it. Reading your comments honestly brought me to tears. It is time to start living again indeed.

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