A need to bring back gifted soulful, jazz, rock, neo soul artist…

So enjoy with a fresh cup of coffee and whatevers…

KG Bethlehem

Mario Pascal Charles…..

Yes people this is one of the most vibrant, up and coming soul singer/guitar player from the Midwest that you will ever hear. His music is a mix of R&B, reggae, neo-soul, rock, jazz with a sprinkle of his own unique sounds that creates….


St. Louis, MO own Mario Pascal (Haitian descendent) is on the rise and please enjoy the selections I placed in the blog. I can keep on writing on him but heck, why prolong great sounds. Enjoy!!

Mario YouTube #1

Mario YouTube #2

Mario YouTube #3

For more information on Mario Pascal and Roots Fuzion visit Reverbnation Mario Pascal/Root Fuzion

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Thinking back on times of good Part II

I had to bring this one back lol. Enjoy, and please don’t laugh too hard…

KG Bethlehem

Open space with so little time….

I know all of you guys heard the expression, “there aren’t enough hours in a day.” Well in my case it isn’t. My trip back home has been very gratifying, seeing old friends but the drive has been a little “wearing” to say the least.

But all in all I am happy to be here. Talking about old times as I expressed in my previous blog a few days ago. I want to stay on topic in the form of artistry. Now with that being said, another thing that came to mind was the infamous “Northwoods Battle Raps” that took place in the summer of 1993.

Let me give a back story. First off all of us were a close group of friends that mostly went to the same schools from elementary to high school. We were very close, knew each other families to…

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