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2nd Annual St. Louis Author Invitational

Hey everyone! I will be in St. Louis, MO showcasing my books at this amazing event sponsored by Some Unique Magazine LLC. Any authors in the greater St. Louis area you need to check this out immediately!

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Awesome Comic Con 2014–Washington D.C report by me & me..


Today was a really great day. Me and my lil’ one spent a few hours at the Awesome Comic Con located in Washington D.C this afternoon. She at the young age of 4 was delighted at the costume wearing adults and kids alike that normally she would have been afraid of.

Dark images from Word Girl makes her run into another room sometimes.

She was a trooper, she smiled and even walked up to a guy who look like Bane from the Batman comics, crazy huh? Then she really look at his face and ran back to me remarking, “Daddy, he’s scary.”

I chuckled and thought to myself how today was a very quiet eventful day. I got a glance at Ron Glass signing autographs (yes the Shepherd Books from Firefly) along with Billie Piper. I am telling you the truth, me and her eyes briefly met for 5, well—3 seconds and..

Alright, this is getting a little weird so I will move on.

I did buy some great looking comics and gotten some autographs from the artists and writers respectfully. I did not get a chance to read them yet but the art work was freaking impressive. Here are the gems:
1. Vitriol “The Hunter” by Billy Martin and Brent Allen
2. Alex + Ada by Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn
3. Major Tom by Martin Brandt II and Martinho Abreu (part of the Grim Crew in Dead Future Comic #1)

If any of you guys get a chance to check them out please do but for now here are some pictures you might enjoy..

Well, not the best but my lil one makes the gloomy & dulls appears like sunshine :o)


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Waters of the Wake – Dark Poetry (Friday Night Poetry Corner 5)

This is a haunting yet commanding poem even in short it leaves an impression.. I needed to put this in Friday Night Poetry Corner! Great job Poetic Depression…