Untitled poetry (Friday Night Poetry Corner #160)

Got Melanin?


People, people!! Listen but more importantly—read. This is another segment of the Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week, a smart, expressive poet name leona rising wrote this joint that you just need to read and let me know what you think. In more apparent fashion, leave comments, please!  Oh, this is the first time I ever feature a poem without a title.  A first in four years, crazy.










leona rising

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KG’s Thoughts for the Moment: Conversation with Lisa Swinney 

*CONVERSATIONS WITH INTERESTING MINDS! THIS IS HAPPENING TONIGHT!! 1 hour podcast of KG's Thoughts for the Moment, 9pm EST. Sex expert, Lisa Swinney of the Washington DC area will join me in talking about healthy sex! #sumunique #KgBethlehem #fkennethtaylor #pgcountyredux #potheory #bookhouse #hanginwithwebshow #radiocrown #munchwagon #STLMADE #DMV http://www.blogtalkradio.com/someuniquemag/2017/06/29/kgs-thoughts-for-the-moment-a-conversation-with-sex-expert-lisa-swinney Call in to the studio 657-383-0497