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Homeless in L.A. (Friday Night Poetry Corner #139)

Board Approves Homeless Initiative – Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas
Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas – Los Angeles County



Hey everyone! Welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner and this week you won’t be disappointed. The name of his poem is called “Homeless in LA” by Lady Lovelace in LA. This poem is–brilliant. See for yourself..

Lady Lovelace in L.A.

I grew up in adversity, the projects
My mom subverted the project
Ended up a university graduate
Immersed me in diversity
So on the outskirts of the city
In the white world, I was an anomaly
Neo, unfurling plans to conquer the
Matrix of machines called suburbia
Make it out clean using these verses I
Write so my imagination takes flight
Image of a struggle in my life
Kept me humble as I stumbled like
An earthquake, my faults slip me up
My arrogance strikes me like
An arrow against my life
Hitting me straight in my heart, tough
Lesson to learn but I
Kept, kept on, opened my third eye
Perceived the danger ahead
Gave me the range to plan ahead
From the streets where I slept
Homeless, I learned to home in
Never wept, just dreamt of being best
In my field in a world that’s filled

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My pod cast: KG’s Thoughts for the Moment..

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ESSAY: We Should’ve Looted The Whole Foods by Earl Crown

Thought-provoking article that is not for the ill minded..

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We Should Have Looted The Whole Foods
An Essay By Earl Crown

Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images. Title Unknown. Mar. 3rd, 2017 Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images. Title Unknown. Mar. 3rd, 2017

The views expressed in this editorial essay are those of the author, and are not a reflection of the views of Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC who strives to maintain a unbiased position in such matters.

I was on guard all night in my office on Holabird Avenue with a shotgun and a crowbar.  I smoked cigarettes at the front door, and listened to the blare of the television playing in the lobby. The news anchors shrieked about “riots” and “property destruction,” and the gruesome details of the death of Freddie Gray.

The corporate-owned television news organizations refused to say what many of us already knew.  Freddie Gray had been murdered by members of the Baltimore City Police Department, and the so-called “riots” were actually an uprising…

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