Imp King (Friday Night Poetry Corner #209)

  Good evening everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner.  This week is my own personal joint, it is an aggressive poem of the mind, but the components of this poem is strongly influenced in my storytelling (See Avenging Knights & Certain Moments of Time).   The name of this is called "Imp King."  … Continue reading Imp King (Friday Night Poetry Corner #209)

A Slice of Infinity (Friday Night Poetry Corner #39)

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Greetings again everyone.

On a more lighter note (heart still goes out to my home town of St. Louis, MO), it is time for another Friday Night Poetry Corner #39; THE SATURDAY EDITION.

Yeah, I know, I’m a late.

This nice work of poetry called A Slice of Infinityfrom the Carbon Noise Poetry*** blog is a wonderful vivid poem of a voice at a door of something. You my fellow poets, artists, writers, etc.. be the judge of this work, the surreal turns to something you must read for yourself..

Thanks again for visiting and visit the Carbon Noise Poetry Blog from time to time..

Carbon Noise Poetry

The other night,
I saw a saffron moon,
Horizon low in the sky.
Nestled between two,
Parallel shelves of cloud.
Optically tinted,
And augmented.
There it hung,
Glowing softly,
Like a great celestial,
Yellow lantern.
I had to ignore,
The almost physical need,
Like a lump of urgency,
In my chest,
Compelling me,
To photograph it.
But the sublime,
Cannot be captured,
Nor confined.
So I chose instead,
To savor that moment,
Like a slice,
Of yellow moon cake.
So delicious.
And yet so fleeting.
One tiny piece,
Is all I got.
But I’ll remember,
The taste of it forever.

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