9 comments on “Friday Night Poetry Corner #10

    • thanks :o),

      i love the four seasons. i grew up in st. louis, mo and when i stayed in jacksonville, fl for a year; i hated that there was no 4 but 2 seasons. i wrote this poem a year after i moved back in 01.

      the photographs are well done.

      • here in India, especially in west bengal we have mostly two seasons- monsoon and summer, winter is very mild and almost absent. the fourth season spring/fall/autumn- well, we read about them in books, never see them.

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  2. that makes sense Sharmishtha.. In your part of the world seasons are very different; i would one day love to experience such a change. I bet the all year weather is pretty nice for y’all for the most part minus the storms.

    I experience all for seasons majority of my life. Growing up in St. Louis, MO (Midwest United States) and now living in Washington D.C (East Coast). The only exception was when i stay a year in Jacksonville, FL. They barely had a winder but no fall which was odd to me (and one of the main reasons other than detesting my job that i moved away from there).

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